Xbox One Controller not shutting off

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My Xbox One controller does not turn off after shutting off my console it happens to me frequently. Anyone else experience this type of problem?

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Haven't had that trouble yet. I would say maybe try resetting the batteries in the controller. Just a thought.

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@kunal1092000: thats one of the reasons why i'm getting a PS4.

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@kunal1092000: I just noticed this issue myself actually, started in the past few days, so it most certainly is related to the latest update. I think the controller eventually turns itself off after like 15 min of inactivity , but what you can do is simply press and hold the guide button after turning off the console, and it will turn it off like that too......hopefully it will be fixed for the next update.

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No problems here bud, look into a replacement.

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I haven't had that happen to my controller.

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I have the same issue now. so you are not alone!

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Take the batteries out.

It happens with Xbone since it's new and glitchy, but that's what I did.