Xbox one auto-recording problem

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Seems like a couple of people are having this problem, and what ive came to figure out its usually the fist few games that you play on your xbox one that do this.

The problem, which is your xbox one recording clips without you asking it to ( based off certain task being done, for exp. in fifa everytime I get a corner, it records a clip )

is something that needs to be addressed, some people say "who cares" because the xbox one simply deletes clips its own which it reaches a certain number, however this is a problem because that means clips which YOU on purpose recorded, will get deleted because of your xbox recording clips on its own that you dont care for.

the only way of turning this off, is by turning your DVR off which will disable the "xbox record" command aswell, which clearly is not a solution

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Yeah, this is a problem I have been having. A friend and me were on Fifa playing co-op seasons and had about 10 clips recorded, of which 9 were "Punched it out!" where the Goalkeeper had punched the ball clear, sometimes that is a key point of the match, but the Xbox records the moment every time in Fifa. I have noticed the same thing with Peggle. It seems to be a Publisher/developer issue possibly as it seems to be EA games where I personally have noticed it the most, unless others have noticed it on other games?

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Even having a setting in-game would be a help.

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It kept auto-recording Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood on me also.