Xbox Live sign in Problems

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#1 Posted by Mjpraino (2 posts) -
I am having trouble with my Xbox live account. When i was home my account was synced into my Xbox as all Gamertags are. Its been a year and the last log in was February 2011, But i recently brought it to college, and had updated my Xbox. After the update it says i need to sign in with my Windows ID address. I do not remember any of the information i used for my Gamertag, yet all my information is still in the Xbox. It simply does not sign into my live account anymore. Do i call Xbox support? Am i going to be able to fix this?
#2 Posted by ShadowMoses900 (17081 posts) -

I think you can get a new Windows Live ID sent to your email if you say you forgot your password. Try that, if all else fails contact customer service.

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Yea but i dont even know my email address for my gamertag, i haven't received emails from Xbox in a long time.
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try to remember your sign in details if you cannot then contact xbox support they will be able to help you through the process of changing your password and even email.