Xbox live prob...801613fb

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I bought a new(my first) membership card a week before X-mas, and I've been trying to "activate" it on my xbox, yet when i do, an error code pops up "801613fb". I honestly don't know what's wrong since i can play live with the free membership the xbox came with. Anyhelp will be appreciated. thanks in advance :)

#2 Posted by Scarface_tm431 (10063 posts) -
For now just wait until your free month runs out, XBL is having a little bit of troubles again
#3 Posted by 1a1aland (29 posts) -
lol unfortunately it expires today 1/24/08 :cry:
#4 Posted by Scarface_tm431 (10063 posts) -
Oh ok lol, well have you tried entering on under account management?
#5 Posted by 1a1aland (29 posts) -
yeah and it says the the code can'e be validated to domething along those lines. Weird thing is that my brother make a seperate account and he managed to activate his 3 month card with ease.
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Well, was the thingamajig activation code already scratched off when you bought it?
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nope it was brand new and there was a lock that was protecting all the membership cards at Target.
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well imma just buy another one and see if it works or not