Xbox Live Download Speed Really Slow

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#1 Posted by Dalinkwense (347 posts) -

An hour ago, I started the download of Bad Company's demo on the Live marketplace (1.2 gigabytes) and it took one hour to download only 9%, yet it used to take one hour for 30-40% download completion.

Why is this happening? Is this happening to anyone else? I started the download after 12-midnight (when everyone is asleep and the internet traffic is low), yet it downloaded very slowly.

#2 Posted by Satanshelper (2812 posts) -
I too experience than i used, say, 6 months ago.
#3 Posted by XxWOND3RB3ADxX (1189 posts) -
i downloaded bad company in 20-30 minutes so it might be ur connection or somethin i use comecast what do you you use????
#4 Posted by Satanshelper (2812 posts) -
Don't know about OP but I am British and use Orange.
#5 Posted by TheRooskie (153 posts) -

Okay, a few things here:

Is your internet connection slow? How many megs down are you getting?

Bad Company is a big download.

I assume you aren't downloading anything in the background. Also, just becuase you're playing at midnight doens't mean that activity on the net in your area will be slow.

#6 Posted by Flamecommando (11630 posts) -
My internet is good and i've only downloaded something slowly when it was brand new.
#7 Posted by mackreki (113 posts) -

Correct me if i'm wrong , but the microsoft servers for xbox live are in Washington correct ? If that is the case then it is understandable why people from the UK have this problem . It has never took me more than 30-40 minutes to download an entire demo off of xbox live , and i have downloaded more than i can remember .

#8 Posted by draftrough (502 posts) -
My 360 d/l speed is fast as grease lightning, no d/l ever lasts longer than maybe 5 minutes unless its multiplae gigs big, even then its only abot 8 or 9 minutes IF that.
#9 Posted by zombiejonny (8277 posts) -
it took me like 15-20 min just to download the trial version of soul calibur on xbla
#10 Posted by barbaric_bob (73 posts) -
i had that same slow download for BF:BC my internet goes 100mbps
#11 Posted by Dalinkwense (347 posts) -

No, I wasn't downloading anything in the background. I let the demo download by itself. No computer was on and no other downloads were active. Four months ago, I downloaded demos as big as 1.2 gigs and it took about two or three hours for the whole thing. Now it takes one hour for 9%. Three hours would be 27%. There's something wrong.

#12 Posted by Dalinkwense (347 posts) -

Okay, nevermind. I ran a speed check and found out it's my upload speed. Terrible. I'll have to talk to my ISP about the horrible upload speed of 136 kbps. :)


#13 Posted by lanetasasi (13 posts) -
one question, if you use background downloads does it make them go slower, because when i use background downloads it takes me like twice as much as if i were downloading with the xbox 360 completely on.