Xbox Live Down (Update: now up) but im pissed

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#1 Posted by christianRho (24 posts) -

First thing that pisses me off about the outage is Microsoft seems to not want to admit from their end there is a problem. I'm sitting here resetting modems pissing off my family all because I cant log into Xbox live and watch Netflix.

if there was a little message that simply said hey we are down right now check back soon I would be cool with that.

instead the network test tells me my internet is fine but then there is this unknown reason from there to Xbox live connection not working. But the statuses say they're up. Bullshit. Come on Microsoft don't be like that.

be honest.

#2 Posted by WG_McFartypants (218 posts) -

So, when something unforeseen happens and you can not connect to Xbox Live you want them to have foreseen the unforeseen and pre-programmed a way for their console to connect to the service it can't connect to (for unforeseen reasons) to retrieve a message telling you why it can not connect.

That seems perfectly reasonable to me.

#3 Posted by christianRho (24 posts) -

@wg_mcfartypants: I think you missed something here. I am saying with live is down have the system run a check and say it "can't connect to live" but the status says it is "up" Do you get what I am saying?

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@christianrho: Sounds like Microsoft!