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I've seen xbox fitness get hyped in a few places, but is it available yet? I don't actually want to do a workout, I have a gym membership for that, but I'd be interested to see Kinect check things like my heart rate.

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The heart rate thing just doesn't work.

There is only 2 P90X workouts and 1 Insanity workout which makes them both useless because why would you do just 1 or 2 when you need the full package?

There are some full workouts there but you have to pay extra for them and they're for women and last only like 10-20 mins each.

The camera doesn't really pick up what you're doing or give you any feedback. You can be doing it wrong and it's still saying you're doing great, like I tested just waving my arms around and it was saying I was doing fine for most of it, it just wants simple over exaggerated movements. Stuff like jumping jacks it struggles with, it keeps wanting you to jump higher for some weird reason and anything on the floor it struggles with and often loses you.

It's shit really, even if the Kinect stuff was worth it, there is barely any content there, like who is going to just do 1 Insanity workout or of 12-14 that it should have?

I really do not get why it is getting great reviews, I read them and they've only done one workout and then said it's amazing, so that is probably why.

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Where can I try it out? I can't find it in the store, which is where I assumed it would be. Is it available in the UK at all?

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Found it now. Tried a workout and no sign of any heart rate tracking (is it during the workout, or am I supposed to check somewhere else?). It's also a bit irritating having lots of exercises where I'm going to stamp on the floor because I live in a flat, so my downstairs neighbours will wonder what all the noise is.

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The heart rate stuff doesn't work, it flashes up from time to time, but it struggles to read it at all. You can say "xbox pause" and you'll see a heart icon, however I've stood there for 10 mins trying to get something and it just keeps telling me to stay still........ well how is it meant to read it when I'm exercising then? lol..

The thing is as well, you'll try a work out and think woo there is a lot of choice....... only it's one or two workouts per workout program, so it's useless unless you pay up, only you cannot pay up for most of it still and you probably wont ever be able to.

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Thanks for the info on how it works. I don't think I'd ever pay for the workouts, as I already train very hard with weights and the lighter bodyweight stuff just doesn't interest me. I was mostly just interested in seeing the implementation of the heart rate (for resting HR), and although it's not able to check weight, it could maybe check things like posture or physique change, so that a progress chart could be built.

Seeing some mobility stretch videos would be good, as I'm musclebound to the point of needing a couple of hundred pounds on my back before I can even bend my legs properly.

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Xbox fitness works perfectly fine for me, heart rate reads almost instantly, though I have to go to the heart icon in the pause menu. I try and d whatever they are doing and telling me on the screen so I get a really good workout, even If I miss the moves or do them not quite right, I'm no exercise expert so this software is perfect for me and my partner. Plenty of 10 and 20min exercises as well, I can't do the extreme ones. I couldn't be any happier with Xbox Fitness.