Xbox Disc Ring Scratch: Any Way To Fix?

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#1 Posted by Defy_The_Fallen (621 posts) -

I know this probably sounds stupid, but that thing happened to me today were the xbox disc gets a massive ring of scratches round it and it really frustrated me as I was really enjoying the game. Is there any way to "un-scratch" the disc? Or will I have to buy a new disc which I really don't want to do...

#2 Posted by zaku101 (4341 posts) -

Did you drop your console? But yeah if it's the 360 doing it normally you can complain to M$ and get a new one for free probably. You can't fix it normally so either call M$ or get a new disk.

#3 Posted by rangegear (3029 posts) -
No man sorry. Do what i did and go to Gamestop. They gave me another one free.
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once those scratches are there they dont go away.. have u tried installing your games? Thats supposed to help.

#5 Posted by MrSpacely202 (7 posts) -
If you have a warranty with GS, go get a new one. If you dont, one solution I tried was toothpaste. Yeah I know it sounds funny but it actually works and there are youtube vids to show you what to do. My Black Ops had th perfect ring but when I applied a little Crest to it, it worked again.
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Try taking it into your nearest videogame store and ask them to put it in there disk cleaner, depending on how bad the scratch is they may bee able to remove the scratches and its pretty cheap aswell and if your lucky they may do it free of charge, especially if your a regular customer

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well first you see what gamestop says. if they cant fix it, I recommend taking the disc (in the case) to Walmart and tell them you want to exchange it. say "it came this way and doesnt work in my xbox, i just want to exchange". Odds are, they'll do a swap for you. lol

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No man sorry. Do what i did and go to Gamestop. They gave me another one free.rangegear
Depends on the GameStop. I've worked at two GameStops and it often depends on how the managers are feeling that day. If you purchased it from them recently, then they may replace it for you.