Xbox 360 Static ip address HELP!!!1

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alright i got a **** doosey for ya i have an xbox 360 and play it non stop and all of a sudden it starts lagging horribly and i think my router may have a virus (cuz my bro had malware but then got it cleaned and this happened after the cleaning) so i thought it was that but i am pretty sure its not that so then i call xbox tech support and they say that i should open up my routers ports which i havent done which is probably the problem anyway they tell me the port numbers for my router its a netgear i think g series but im not sure its the elite kind thats black but he tells me the numbers and says i need to give them my static ip address and put the ip settings on manual in my 360 once i get it and he said to call my internet service which is time warner's road runner so i call em up and long story short they say that they cant give me a static because residentials only can get dynamic which by what i heard changes the ip multiple times in a day when a static stays constant and she said that only business accounts can get them and it would cost an ass load and i was told by three different representitives the same thing and all i want to do is fix this lag so i can play so plz help me out i have no idea wat to do now it sounds liek to me im pretty much **** plz say it in lay-mens terms so i can understand it cuz i not too good with alot of this router and ip **** other computer and game related stuff i know just this one i never can understand so please someone help me out i have been offline for almost a week cuz of this ****
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I would like to help but the grammar is pretty bad and i have no idea what you are saying. You've made it hard to understand but from what i gather you are told that you have a static IP adress by microsoft, which your internet provider is saying is impossible as that is only for businesses. Therefore infact you must have a dynamic ip adress.

Ring up microsoft and tell them what your internet provider has told you. Explain that the last microsoft representative told you that you have a static ip adress yet your internet provider only supports this for businesses and that your router is in a residental property. If microsoft then give you a load of bull crap that doesnt help then come back and post again but it seems you need to call microsoft again (i know its a pain in the ass!).

BTW your router cannot get a virus but another thing that could be slowing your connection is your neighbours "hijacking" your internet. This could be happening if you do not have a password/wep key. If you dont you probably want to get one put on by ringing your internet provider. This could solve the problem and be a lot easier, just dont lose the wep key!

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no i said that they said i need a static ip address and when i call the internet company they said that i cant get a static ip address because i am a residential line
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They were talking about making a static IP address on your network. Basically, giving your xbox its own IP address.
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wat do you mean make one i thought they had to give you one or is there some way to go around the fact that my internet company wont give me one
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