Xbox 360 not reading discs.

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#1 Posted by Mr_arizona (3829 posts) -

I got a problem with my 360. It wont read discs of any kind. It just spins and goes to open tray. I've blown itout so it's not a dust issueand I have to maybe open and close it 1-50 times before it starts playing but now it doesn't even do that anymore.

-The disc spins and goes to open tray

-It stays stuck openif opened all the way

-Wont open with no disc in the tray

-I've tried it both standing and laying

-Every so often it makes a small clicking sound when trying to play games

-The discs I use are all in good condition, I take care of them

Anyone who can help me without saying call M$?

#2 Posted by airshocker (30715 posts) -

There isn't anything you can do aside from getting it fixed, man.

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A. get repair on the dvd drive

B. gently knock on the console to get it work quickly after inserting the disk.

it happen to me currently, so option B is the temp solution.

look on youtube for better example on option B.

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*concentrates really hard and wiggle fingers at interwebs* There! did I fix it? Don't really know what you're expecting here.... if you've got a hardware fault most people usually take it back to the store, get it fixed or buy a new one......?