XBOX 360 keeps shutting off

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Hello, I have no idea why or how this happened because I was using my xbox a day earlier but when ever I try to play a game or watch a video my xbox just shuts off. When I'm in the dashboard it's fine so I'm really confushed if anyoone has any ideas why or what to do it would be alot of help. Thanks

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Has it had the red lights?

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It might be a PSU problem. If you have a friend that will let you borrow his PSU, try that. If it works, this means your PSU is defective.
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maybe your xbox just doen't want to be bothered with. give it a couple days for itself and then try again later.
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Maybe your parents did something with the Parnental Controls Oooo!
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Lol no my parents didn't do anything and the red lights don't appear the system just dies. I wasn't sure if it was the power supply because when I'm not trying to play a game or watch a video the system stays on. But i'll try using a different one. Thanx for trying to help
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i got a new xbox :(