XBox 360 Hard Drive Sizes?

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#1 Posted by harley098 (185 posts) -
I want to know what sizes different hard drives can hold. the one that came with my 360 is 20 gigs i think and i am down to just 3.i need this becaus im a person that frequently buy new music for rock band and im worried i will rum out! ineed one that comes wih one of those cables that will let me transfer data from hte old one to the new one.
#2 Posted by harley098 (185 posts) -

do they come in 40 gigabyte hardrives, because thats all i need

#3 Posted by MadMax08 (33 posts) -
no, its only 20 or 120. there's rumors of MS coming out with a 60gb version, but its not yet confirmed.
#4 Posted by CharlyMurphy (461 posts) -
Well delete any unwanted stuff on your harddrive. i doubt youll have a problem with downloading songs 3GB should be enough anyway