XBOX 360 games on XBOX ONE ?

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Are we ever likely to be able to play our 360 games such as any of the Gears series,COD series,Halo etc. on the XBOX ONE ?-Only I had to sell my 360 to help pay for my XBOX ONE,but still got all my 360 titles,but I might as well sell them too if I can never use them on ONE?

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NOPE... the coding in the system is different and won't allow it. The devs would have to port it over.

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Like every other console, they get coded differently avoiding games to work on current gen

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Thanks Guys for your replies.Looks like its sale time then for all my 360 games.

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The chances are low, they said they could use the cloud to streak the games but I don't think they will bother since it will take too much effort and money.