Xbox 360 E Disc Drive Jammed

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So yesterday my disk drive stopped working, it wouldn't open. First I tried all of the things on and such, wiggling and clicking that yellow button on the disk drive, so when that didn't work, I opened it.

So inside my disk drive, for the life of me, I just cannot get the actual disk tray to open from the drive. I tried reeling it up with the belt, it starting going only to get jammed where it usually does. That little white thing thats connected to the laser, I moved that and nothing happened. I've tried to remove the try itself from the drive to maybe attempt to put it back on straight, of course, you need to actually need to get the tray in open mode to do that.

I pulled out the belt with tweezers and now I can't get it back on, like that even matters at this point.

If anyone knows a solution to my problem or needs info, PLEASE reply. I'm begging you, i've been messing with this xbox console all day.

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Maybe consider upgrading to a Xbox One?

If not just buy a new 360.