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Is the newest version of the Xbox 360, the "E" model, more reliable than the older models? I'm thinking about buying one to compliment my PS4 and Wii U.

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As long as you get the Slim, or the E model you'll be fine. They're both a lot more reliable than the older models.

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just make sure u buy one with the hard drive included, otherwise no GTA 5 for u. Plus if u install games, the system is even quieter and a lot of games benefit from faster loading

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Well I might not buy one now because I learned that Microsoft still uses proprietary hard drives. It would have been much simpler to use normal hard drives like the PS3 and PS4. Even external hard drive support would have been nice.

Proprietary crap like this is why I didn't buy a Vita either. Sony forces people to use those overpriced Vita memory cards, instead of using normal SD cards like the 3DS.