Xbone Home Button Sucks!!!!

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How did Microsoft decide on changing the much loved Xbox button. Into a button that kicks you out of your game and takes you to the home screen??? It's stupid and pointless.... Please bring back the quick menu. Where I can hit the Xbox button and control my party options. Background music. And everything else. It was so useful on the 360 and I miss it. The Xbox One feels incomplete without it. PLEASE BRING THE REAL XBOX BUTTON BACK!

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I agree. I think the XboxOne setup is cool, but the old home button is more useful. I hope they add it and do double press or something like that. Maybe one press to old GUI, double press to Home, and Hold to Sleep or Restart (cauz it gets whacky audio for it until I reboot it).

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I like the home button because it allows you to pause and exit whatever you're doing, pick something else, then resume what you were doing.

It's definitely more powerful than the 360's

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I don't have any problems with the Home button.

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It will certainly be improved in the coming months.

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I love the Home button, actually.

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rather have access to the entire menu then a half baked one