X1 day1 edition achievement?

#1 Posted by ptown58 (1789 posts) -

Trying to tell if my kid put the code in, I don't see it in with all the other achievements, can someone tell me what it looks like and does it come up like a normal achievement where one can see them all on xbox.com?

#2 Posted by spike6958 (5053 posts) -

It should show up with your other Xbox One achievements. The image is a half grey half black background, with Day One on the grey side and the Xbox One logo on the other.

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I guess he didn't use it, is worth anything?

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@ptown58: I'm sure you could find someone on eBay who'd buy it, but it wouldn't sell for much. Oh also I've since checked and apparently it doesn't show up on Xbox.com (at least mine doesn't show up on my profile).