Will Xbox release a new model of Xbox One that can reach 1080p?

Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) 4 months, 11 days ago

Poll: Will Xbox release a new model of Xbox One that can reach 1080p? (45 votes)

Yes 16%
No 73%
I hope so! 11%
#1 Posted by CTR360 (7102 posts) -

resoloution its not big deal for me

#2 Posted by filben (34 posts) -

I hope not for the early buyer.

#3 Posted by adders99 (2610 posts) -

No.... And it is already hitting 1080p.

#4 Posted by Mesomorphin (826 posts) -

Dude its already hitting 1080p man! wtf are you talking about!??

#5 Posted by XboXeR-360 (52 posts) -

I hope so

#6 Posted by SoftwareGeek (448 posts) -

lol. This needs to be locked.

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Considering the Xbox One has several 1080p games out and many more coming out, I'd say you're a bit misinformed on its current capabilities.

#8 Posted by Bishop1310 (1108 posts) -

lol fuck.............

#9 Posted by Megavideogamer (5440 posts) -

When Microsoft releases a model of Xbox one that can do 1080p it may be included in the Xbox one slim. So maybe in 2 years a Slim version of Xbox one in 2016.

#10 Posted by bonesawisready5 (4713 posts) -

Stupid question. They can't ship a console with different hardware or it would split user base. Why is this even allowed on the board? Will never happen, as in an XB1 with more RAM, etc. What, will they pack 4GB ram into a n64 expansion pak? Lol

#11 Posted by oo_Yungstar_oo (18 posts) -

i'd say an upgraded Xbox or Xbox TWO would happen quite quickly if MS's fortunes don't improve over the next 6-12 months. if they stay in the console market that is.

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No, it won't release a new model that can do more, the hardware is finalized.

Console hardware is static.

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The Xbox One is already capable of running 1080p. I believe you may be misinformed.

#14 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (6207 posts) -

Stupid thread.

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@nyc05 said:

Considering the Xbox One has several 1080p games out and many more coming out, I'd say you're a bit misinformed on its current capabilities.

It is sad that some owners of Xbox don't know this. Just read some of the post. Forza was 1080p out of the gate. Yes, we well see a lot more before the end of the year and beyond. We just need to give developers time to learn the system. Keep in mind that the best games are not at the beginning of a systems life cycle but in the middle and near the end.

#16 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

Why is it so much harder on an Xbox One to reach 1080p for developers then on PS4?

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Why do people get caught up with 1080p so much. We should want better textures over 1080p. Textures are what make the games look more defined and realistic, all 1080p does is give you a sharper image.

#18 Posted by bluesunmerc (94 posts) -

it already hits 1080p

#19 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

It doesn't run everything in 1080p in fact most games on XB1 are not 1080p

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this thread sucks of course its hitting 1080p

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No, it's fixated hardware.

An HD 7770 will always be weak and low end and will turn into potato end faster than ever. Try a 7770 on PC, it's god awful if you want to play demanding games at 1080p. Bump it to a 7850 and it's like 40% faster and 1080p runs a lot smoother.

All Xbox One games can technically run at 1080p but they choose to make parities and have to sacrifice frame rate and resolution to make the graphics on par.

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Do I buy a plain doughnut or a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles on top?.

#23 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

keep your comments coming

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Even as a owner of a PS4, 360 and PS3, I think this is a HIGHLY overrated topic. The quality of the games is all that matters, the only reason I haven't gotten the XB1 yet is that my favorite exclusives haven't come out.

Otherwise it would be collecting dust like my PS4 because at the moment the 360 and PS3 has a better quality library.

#25 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1367 posts) -

Halo 5 is 1080p. Hell the beta is 1080p 60fps and dedicated servers. It will just take time to hit 1080p 60fps. Just like the PS4 and Wii U will take time to hit it. Although only 1st party games on Xbox One will ever be 1080p 60fps. Games like Halo, and Gears. No 3rd party game ever will be.

#26 Posted by hehe101 (783 posts) -

Hopefully when Ps4 can run AC unity at higher than 720p

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this thread needs to be locked.

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i smell a troll . why isn't this locked ?

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lock this thread where r the mods when u need them