Why PS3 is better then 360.

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Free internet, access to the real internet, great exclusive games, Built-in Blueray,Built-in Wifi, Less then 3% chance of malfunction, less fragile then 360, comes with two-four USB ports, you can put in a 500gig hard-drive, can use a mouse, real headset, keyboard, and other things that plug into a usb, can install linux to it, lighter non-battery pack controllers, Limitless themes (background), Trophies, Massive Action game, ect.


Any objections? :P

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oh did i forget to mention the ps3 has 8 processor over 360's 3?
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Less then 3% chance of malfunction

Any objections? :P




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Actually, you should of made the thread title "why my topic is going to get locked"
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Then why does my launch ps3 sit and gather dust while I play all the great exclusive 360 games?

PS: Lockage!

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Your arguments are all meaningless for one reason: On the 360 i can stick a chainsaw up someone's behind in Gears of War 2.
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just a friendly suggestion that u delete this before you get modded
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First of all, it's THAN, not THEN. Second of all, nobody here cares dude. This is called the Xbox 360 forum for a reason. I'm glad you get free internet and you can use a browser to surf it on the PS3, I have a computer for that sort of thing because I like to play video games. Oh, and sure the PS3 has a couple good exclusives, the 360 has more and overall better games than the PS3 and the online community is better and more robust. And as for your trophies, keep them since they are just a rip off of the achievement system that the 360 had first.
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system wars...

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to bad it has no games
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Wow, surprised this hasnt been locked yet....
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Wow, surprised this hasnt been locked yet....Shinoadr
me to, wtf is our tax money going towards?
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[QUOTE="Shinoadr"]Wow, surprised this hasnt been locked yet....psychosurfer10
me to, wtf is our tax money going towards?

haha that made me laugh. I don't care if this gets locked, because obviously no one cares what this guy has to say.

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You're new, so I'll give you extra time to figure out what you did wrong.

:P .......