Why is the Xbox One Power Brick So ENORMOUS?

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I love the Xbox One but can't help but notice the monstrosity of the size....And there's never a place to put it.

Why is it so large and why is there one in the first place? The PS4 has an internal supply, and so does a PC and a laptop. And before you tell me anything about dust and heating, my PS3/PS4/PC/laptop has been running flawlessly for years.

So why the external power source and this large brick? This comic pretty much sums up my feelings.


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Sony is a hardware company, Microsoft is a software company. Even tho the 360 had a bigger power brick it had all kinds of heat issues. For the xbox one they made the system big with a external power brick so it could run cool. 360 orignal sounds like a jet engine, I still have an elite so I know. The xbox one is so quite you couldn't tell it's running.

My ps4 is louder and smaller then the X1, it also has a internal power supply. So the fans have to run faster to keep it cool. I think M$ built the X1 with the issues it had with 360 in mind. Make it quite and without heat issues.

As I said sony is a hardware company that has years of experience electronics. Microsoft is a software company that only bult keyboards and mouses before Xbox. I believe they made a system that works well but in design it's not as elegant as something sony could build.

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most pcs are bigger then consoles.

a lot of laptops have them

either way i rather it is outside. that way if it does die i can just replace the brick....

it's easy to stick behind an entertainment system anyways so WHO CARES!

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Yeah it takes the heat out of the system, I actually like the look of the power brick, at least it is not some generic black brick, it has Xbox logo on it with nice looking grills on the side. Plus the cord is long enough to hide it behind the entertainment center.

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I like the power brick.

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I don't mind the power brick at least its light. The only thing that bothers me is I have to turn power mode off as if I have it on the brick stays on when the console is off and can hear the fan at night. But that no biggy.

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Why is it a big deal? You plug it in and never see it again... People need something to complain about I guess.

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That comic was stupid as hell, and so is your synonymous opinion. Here's what else you can do with the brick, obscure it from view, and become indifferent about it. There is always a place to put it.

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At least its smaller than the 360 power brick.

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How is this possibly an issue?

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I honestly think people just want to bash Microsoft. The 360 had issues due to heat and a manufacturing defect. So in the next generation they make sure their design is open and very well ventilated, and suddenly the argument is that it's too big.

I have the One and the PS4. Sure, the box is a little bigger, but there isn't a situation I can come up with where the PS4 would fit and the Xbox One wouldn't (and if you can come up with one YOU SHOULDN'T BE PUTTING YOUR GAMING CONSOLE THERE ANYWAY... It needs proper ventilation which is kind of the point.)

Same with the power brick. It's another heat source. They put it in an open, well ventilated external box that you can put somewhere out of the way.

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Was wondering the same thing... But since I got used to it what really ANNOYED me is: why the hell the cable is like 40% shorter? had to change my desktops distribution to plug the XONE >.<

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I am actually disappointed by this as well. XboxOne is already bigger, so, why the big power supply? And honestly, I would rather have bigger Xbox than having it outside. It is not about Xbox hating. And I bet it will be cheaper if build inside without those fancy cover, fancy light, and extra cord. And I really dislike the thick cord, I don't care all the blah, Apple cord is thin, and I want that, period. I think it matters a lot as a product quality. It may not seem important to some, but, to me, it matters.

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this thread is like 3 weeks old.

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I dont even see my brick, its under the tv bench so its not really a problem :p

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  1. light weight
  2. removes extra heat from costly hardware
  3. if damaged its 20 bucks to replace,
  4. cable is long enough to put in most hidden places


  1. its an extra piece of HardWare that needs to be lugged around if you plan on moving it.

same with the controller. rather than replacing the whole controller just buy a pack of 40 Duracell battery batteries for 10 bucks and your good to go.

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Poor engineering. Same reason why the X1 looks like a 20 year old VCR.

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It's also a weapon in disguise. Smack some intruder up on the head with a power brick.

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What about the fan noise on the X1 power brick? The old 360's power brick fan is really loud.