Why aren't they showing ANY Xbox360 Titanfall footage?

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Poll: Why aren't they showing ANY Xbox360 Titanfall footage? (23 votes)

The game isn't in a polished enough state to show off 4%
Microsoft want to keep the spotlight on the Xbox 1 edition to try and sell Xbox 1's 91%
The game looks and runs horrible on the 360, so they won't show it until release 4%

What do you guys feel is the real reason why they don't show us ANY xbox 360 Titanfall footage?

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Why would they show off their least impressive version of the game. I didn't see any call of duty's for the wii shown in commercials, for the simple fact you don't show an inferior version when a superior one is available.

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1: MS is helping with marketing SO they need to promote xbox one

2: Hardly ever do publishers show off games on consoles unless it's exclusive, They will show off the PC version and claim it's other version at events.

3:When they show off consoles version it's usually at smaller events because they are kinda forced to.

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Well first off i think the 360 version is made by someone else or something? and didnt the 360 version get delayed?

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Because they don't want people to care about 360 anymore, they don't. Microsoft wants you to buy an Xbox One.

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Well first off i think the 360 version is made by someone else or something? and didnt the 360 version get delayed?

ya it's being made bluepoint.

it got delayed by 2 weeks

1: they might need little bit more time since they basically have to copy respawn so they would pretty much always behind

2: MS delayed it to help increase sales for x1

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well the game looks like garbage on XB1 so it really cant be the graphics.... if they are worse on the 360 i will honestly be suprised, because there are loads of other games that look WAY WAY WAY better..... like.... ANY of the gears of war games, even the first one made like 6 years ago.

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I'm guessing the 360 version is just as good as the x1 version. So they needed to give the x1 two weeks to get some sales before the equal version hits for the console that everyone already owns.

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Why would they show Xbox 360 footage? They want to promote their newly released product.

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You should have made an all of the above option. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why they're withholding information/footage on Titanfall 360. It's clear there's going to be a dramatic dip in quality from the X1 to the 360 version.

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I suppose Microsoft just wants more gamers to buy a Xbox One.

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lets hope it's cancelled.. The 360 hardware is too old to launch these kind of new games on.. Lets forget past gen systems and focus on current gen.. X1 and ps4.

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When I went from X360 to Xb1 on BF4, it was like I was playing a whole different game. So yeah, Titanfall is probably the same.

Also it's a waste of money to run ads for X360. It's like, hey look at this, it looks good, don't look over there at the new one, look here, yeah it's good.

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They would never show the Xbox 360 version... That's like releasing Infamous 3 for PS4 PS3 and PSv and showing the Vita version... It won't happen

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The 2nd option is clearly the right one.

For those concerned with the quality of the 360 version, remember that the game is running on the Source Engine from 2004 and is being ported by Bluepoint Games who did the excellent God of War HD Collection and Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 HD ports. I'll be getting the 360 version myself so I'm honestly not worried about the 360 version.

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I hope it's cancelled.. the 360 is such old hardware it does games a dis-service when released on it.