Which Xbox One 'Bins': Tutlebeach XO7 or Polk Audio 4Shot

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Posted by thenephariouson (3952 posts) 6 months, 22 days ago

Poll: Which Xbox One 'Bins': Tutlebeach XO7 or Polk Audio 4Shot (3 votes)

Tutlebeach XO7 0%
Polk Audio 4Shot 100%

Although I have always used Turtlebeach Headsets, I am also aware that the new Polk 4Shot units are a high quality headset.

In addition to great sound quality, I also require a good Microphone which is capable of picking up very low speech volumes (when everyone is asleep : ).

#1 Posted by regnaston (231 posts) -

I had the Melee from Polk (which is the exact same head set but includes the 360 hardware as well)

The audio is amazing, HOWEVER your friends will complain you sound like you are far away in the game chat.

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I trust Polk will be better in audio department, but considering this is their first time in the gaming industry, i worry about the mic quality...

I would wait for reviews