Which version would you get for Forza 5?

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Posted by magicalclick (22503 posts) 10 months, 18 days ago

Poll: Which version would you get for Forza 5? (10 votes)

Blue Ray 90%
DRM 10%
Both 0%

Which version are you going to get? As much an offline advocate (that's a minimum requirement), I will be getting Forza 5 as DRM copy. It is more convenient to say, Xbox play Forza 5 and switch to it right away without me doing the disc swap. Games like Ryse would be more suitable for BR because the game usually sits there once it is done. But for games like Forza or Zoo Tycoon, these games takes much longer time and tends overlap gaming time with other games, they are more convenient to be kept in HDD and be played at anytime.

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For me it boils down to not buying digital after Microsoft's blatant disregard to its fans. At this point the only way I'd consider getting it digital is if the game were dirt cheap and I wanted to try it. Or if Microsoft pledged a steam sort of thing where they'd find ways for it to be available if the company went under. Btw on a side note props to wb for stripping g.f.w.l out of the previous batman games so they can continue to be played upon gawk closure. Microsoft should consider the same for halo 2 or gears of war for pc

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Blue Ray , my internet is not good enough for digital games .

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Limited Edition disc especially since backward compatibility seems like a thing of the past.

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I went with the disc version, mainly because it will be delivered the same day as my Xbox and I'll be able to get into the game faster. The day one patch will no doubt be quicker to download than the full game. For future releases though it will come down to cost. If games are the same price I'll stick with physical copies.

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I got discs versions of all launch games but im starting to think Id like forza to always be at the push of a button....or voice command.

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