Whats your favourite Xbox One Exclusive going to be?

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Hey all, I just want to know what your favourite Xbox One Exclusives are going to be. My favourite exclusive has to be Either Titanfall and Halo. But everything such as Ryse and DeadRising 3 are close behind. anyways, I wanna hear your opinion's

Xbox One Exclusives

Halo 5


Ryse: Son Of Rome

Forza 5

DeadRising 3

Quantum Break

These are the main/popular Xbox One Exclusives (which make the exclusives better then PS4'S). Tell me which one is your favourite in the Comments!

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it's going to be Forza 5 without a doubt

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Just Ryse:Son of Rome for me!

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Killer Instinct!

I'm buying the full version, day one!

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day one~ dead rising 3

overall~ titanfall

i hope halo can come back to the top though

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Forza 5 no doubt. Im guilty of buying xbox consoles just to play forza.

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I expect it will be either Titanfall or Forza however I've been gaming long enough to know that marketing and final products are often very different so I'll wait and see :)

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Dead Rising 3 on day one.

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Definitely Dead Rising 3. Just watch the new video on Gamespot's home page.

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Titanfall is not an Xbox One exclusive. It's coming out for PC so that doesn't count.

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@marcheegsr said:

Forza 5 no doubt. Im guilty of buying xbox consoles just to play forza.

I would have waited until next year to get the XB1 but Forza and free FIFA meant I am getting it at launch.