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Poll: What would YOU like to see? (0 votes)

DVR 0%
Xbox/360 Compatibilty 0%
A New 'Killer' App 0%
Enhanced Kinnect Features 0%
Controller Change/Upgrade/Fix 0%

If any of you have went through the inter-webs, more than likely you have seen ideas people have wanted to add, change, subtract or use on the Xbox One. I, myself thought about it, and decided I would make this topic to start a general conversation. Feel free to comment, and in the poll select what YOU would like.

1. DVR

DVR implementation, at least to me, in regards to the Xbox One being a media device is EXTREMELY important. The fact that the Xbox One was not shipped with it, or at least the promises of a future with DVR is questionable. Not many people watch live television, and not many people watch television (Thanks Hulu and Netflix). A built in DVR assessing the Cloud and/or the built in Hard Drive would be incredibly helpful.

Chances It Will Happen: 40%

2. Xbox Compatibility

The Xbox 360 had some backwards compatibility, but it wasn't necessarily 'entirely' compatible. Regardless, it had over 200 titles that you were able to play (even if you had to do an update or some bogus crap). Xbox One was released with the promises of nothing, and a future of compatibility even bleeker. Accessing the cloud would allow for any Xbox, or Xbox 360 games to be played on your Xbox One, more than likely, this will come at a price (I wouldn't be surprised to see it 20 and below).

Chances It Will Happen: (Costing Money) 80% (Free) 5%

3. The Next 'Killer App'

This one might be 'too' easy, but still one most Xbox fans worry about. Safe to say the success of the original Xbox began with a little game called Halo. It was the first game I bought when I bought my Xbox, and one of my favorite titles. Xbox 360 had Halo, Mass Effect, Gears of War, etc. Will the Xbox One get a title that will make you go out and purchase it? Yes. Titanfall at the moment is the clearest choice, and behind that Quantum Break is definitely lining up to be an interesting/intriguing title.

Chances It Will Happen: 98%

4. Enhanced/Customize Kinnect

The Kinnect is sensitive, and sometimes unresponsive. Sure, this is not all the time, but people already want a new piece of tech to be incredibly accurate. Somethings about the Kinnect don't make sense, like changing to a new game and being forced to say the entire title (Who really says Forza Motorsport 5 when describing Forza?) That being said, I would like to see customization that will be built around YOUR voice. So, you can record sound for a Forza 5, and just say THAT, and so on, and so forth. This feature would help a lot of people, especially when it comes to dialects/tones/etc.

Chances It Will Happen: 70%

5. Controller Change

Some LOVE the controller, some HATE the controller. I'll be in the minority and be indifferent about the controller. It's lightweight, maybe too lightweight. Sometimes it feels like a nice piece of hardware, sometimes it feels cheap. Regardless, this differential is alarming (pretty sure EVERYONE besides Sony Fanboys loved the 360 controller). I'd like to see them change it, or at least considering changing some of the features. Regardless, its not a make or break, at least for me.

Chances It Will Happen: 65%

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I want new controllers to include a headphone jack. I really don't want to go out and fork out $100 just so I can play/hear my games at night when everyones asleep.