What type ethernet cable does the 360 use? (need an answer quick)

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I'm just about to go to the store to get an ethernet cable but I'm not sure what type to buy - a CAT5 or a CAT6.  Please help!

Thank you!

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RJ11 :D
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im pretty dang sure it's Cat5, but im not positive. there's probably some website that will let you find out for sure.
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either cat5 or 6 both will work
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Dont matter cat 5 and 6 uses the same technology. The only differens is that cat 6 can transport data much faster then the cat 5 but the xbox can only transport data at 100MB/s if im not mistaken. So i would go with a cat5 cable cuz they are much cheaper.
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Thanks everyone (except sadikovic)
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Believe it or not, just about any Ethernet cable with the right size of adapter will work.
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cat 5
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Almost any type of Ethernet cable will work...

Yeah, That's true. I just plugged a random one I had and it works Perfectly.
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lol they all the same... a cat6 is a thicker cable less flexible then cat5s and cat6 can run internet faster then cat5 BUT internet can't take average of it lol so think its truly better