What is the first game your getting on the Xbox One?

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#1 Posted by zadin23 (1 posts) -
I'm just asking for everyone's opinion. I plan on getting Watch Dogs. It looks amazing. Plus, the plot sounds magnificent! So, what game are you getting first?
#2 Posted by Gatman32 (442 posts) -
I'm getting Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Watch Dogs, and BF4. Im for sure gonna play Watch Dogs first though!
#3 Posted by mitu123 (154289 posts) -

Dead Rising 3

Killer Instinct

Crimson Dragon

#4 Posted by nyc05 (10183 posts) -

Dead Rising 3 will be my day one game purchase.

#5 Posted by zadin23 (1 posts) -
Dead Rising 3 looks great. I will also be getting Ryse. What is the big deal with it? People seem disappointed.
#6 Posted by marcheegsr (2912 posts) -

Forza 5. Than Ryse and maybe a few others after christmas.

#7 Posted by mariokart64fan (19554 posts) -

forza 5 dr3 and rivals or ghosts plus one controller , i have my system from microsofr so ill have to wait for it in mail 

#8 Posted by RimacBugatti (1287 posts) -
When I do decide to pick one up it will be Forza 5 no doubt
#9 Posted by BFKZ (1680 posts) -
Dead Rising 3, Other than whatever free games will come with it.
#10 Posted by CTR360 (7174 posts) -
#11 Posted by adders99 (2610 posts) -

I pre ordered my Xbox One today and also pre ordered Battlefield 4! so excited!

#12 Posted by bl00dline954 (102 posts) -

Call of Duty Ghost.

#13 Posted by MarcRecon (5995 posts) -

I'm not getting the XB1 on launch, but when do the first game I'm going to get will be RYYYYYYYYYSE! Sorry bout that....just got done drinking a big cup of coffe!!!! lol

#14 Posted by Cpt_Amurrica (23 posts) -
BF4 I will Gamefly Dead Rising / Watch Dogs / AC4
#15 Posted by ghstbstr (8790 posts) -
I will get Dead Rising 3 for sure, and I may get Ryse and Forza 5 but I am not sure.
#16 Posted by Aaron89 (3377 posts) -

When I do get it, maybe a few months after, Forza 5 and Call of Duty!

#17 Posted by immortality20 (7958 posts) -

I'll be pickiing up Dead Rising 3 and Watch_Dogs as my launch games (and download Peggle 2!!) and probably play DR3 as my first next gen experience. Hard to believe 8 years ago I was psyched for Perfect Dark Zero...please bring that franchise back MS

#18 Posted by The_Last_Ride (72999 posts) -
If i am getting a X1, then i am going to get it with Forza 5
#19 Posted by wwervin (10257 posts) -
I'm really looking forward to DR3, but I suppose if I wait to play AC4 and Watch Dogs on next gen I'll probably get those too.
#20 Posted by HilbillyRokstar (3236 posts) -
BF4, Watchdogs and AC4...nuff said!
#21 Posted by Ricardomz (2329 posts) -

If I would buy a X1 it would be Dead Rising 3 or Watch Dogs.

#22 Posted by GuitarSmash (208 posts) -

Dead Rising 3, Watch_Dogs, and Battlefield 4!

#23 Posted by I-AM-N00B (410 posts) -

The games I am definitely getting are Forza 5, Ryse and Call Of Duty ghosts, I'll probably get a few others too, I can't wait!

#24 Posted by jekyll (9140 posts) -

I have CoD: Ghosts preordered, but plan to add Watch Dogs and Dead Rising 3 to that.

#25 Posted by _TheJoker_ (6013 posts) -

KI, Watch Dogs and [BF4 or COD]

#26 Posted by fatooosh (707 posts) -
xbox one day one edition /watch dogs bundle with 2 controllers getting Ryse, Dead Rising 3, forza 5 and cod ghost My Poor Empty Wallet
#27 Posted by Rattlesnake_8 (18414 posts) -
Dead Rising 3
#28 Posted by RAMBO2002 (29 posts) -
Battlefield 4
#29 Posted by Videodogg (12602 posts) -

Just Forza 5. Maybe download Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon. Then just wait for Kinect Sports Rivals and Titanfall.....i dont know what else to look forward to...

All other multiplat games are going to the "other system".

#30 Posted by manopopop (0 posts) -
watch dawgz f0ur4 dayz1!!!11!!1!
#31 Posted by edgie18 (7 posts) -

Just pre ordered the Xbox One With a free copy of Forza 5. Not sure what other games to get.

#32 Posted by ghstbstr (8790 posts) -

Just pre ordered the Xbox One With a free copy of Forza 5. Not sure what other games to get.

How and where did you get Forza 5 for free?
#33 Posted by RoslindaleOne (7566 posts) -
I'll be getting Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 same day. I'll pop in Forza first to do a few quick races. I know I will be totally hooked on Dead Rising.
#34 Posted by GuitarSmash (208 posts) -

[QUOTE="edgie18"]Just pre ordered the Xbox One With a free copy of Forza 5. Not sure what other games to get.ghstbstr
How and where did you get Forza 5 for free?


#35 Posted by Inferi-Fang (71 posts) -
Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4.
#36 Posted by sukraj (23224 posts) -

Free copy of Fifa 14, Ryse, Dead Rising 3

#37 Posted by magicalclick (23034 posts) -
I think I would get something casual like Ryse. DR3 looks too intense for me.
#38 Posted by sukraj (23224 posts) -

I think I would get something casual like Ryse. DR3 looks too intense for me.magicalclick

intense is good right.

#40 Posted by XboxStache (914 posts) -

Deadrising 3 hands down.

#41 Posted by Alucard_Prime (3105 posts) -
I'm getting several games on day 1, definitely Ryse/DR3/BF4/KI/Forza 5.....I still haven't decided which game I will play first, the very first time I turn the system on. Perhaps I will plan it, or just improvise and go with my gut feeling the day it happens.
#42 Posted by tancred8120 (7938 posts) -
lol getting an xbox one
#43 Posted by JoeGamer1234 (44 posts) -

Watchdogs likely.

#44 Posted by PlusQuad (0 posts) -
I'm waiting a year to get the Xbox One so the first game I will be getting will be Halo 5 (hopefully it'll be good, Halo 4 wasn't that great) other than that Dead Rising 5 looks pretty good and I don't know much about Titan Fall but it sounds good.
#45 Posted by cooldust (3283 posts) -
Dead Rising 3 will be my first next gen experience, I will probably buy the multiplats on other consoles but might rent some games.
#46 Posted by Killaman996 (1 posts) -

To be honest i am waiting for a while after the consoles are released to many cross platform game yes you will have sharper graphics but really nothing exclusive yet. Hey guys i just got the new console want to come over to play the new assassins creed game.... why would we do that when we are playing it on the consoles we already have. 

#47 Posted by dennisb407 (1 posts) -

Dead Rising 3, hope they announce a collector's edition

#48 Posted by ShaineTheNerd (1345 posts) -
Ryse, Watch Dogs and Ghost.
#49 Posted by ShaineTheNerd (1345 posts) -
And Killer Instinct.
#50 Posted by ShaineTheNerd (1345 posts) -
lol getting an xbox onetancred8120
Go to system wars if you want to bash.