What is the best game on the Xbox 360?

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What do you think is the best game on the Xbox 360?

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I personally loved the Gears of War and Fable series, and how can I forget the sleeper, which I think is so underrated -- Alan Wake. I don't think you can just give a simple answer to this question, there were so many great games on the Xbox 360, it'd be so hard to just pick one game out of the bunch.

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Halo 3 or Gears of War 2 (only counting exclusive games)

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Fable 2

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L4d 1

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Orange Box.

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The most fun I had was with Bayonetta. That game had so much style, fluid gameplay, and a ton of replayability. I sank over 80hrs into it w Bayonetta and about 20hrs w Jeanne.

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exclusives alan wake halo 4 halo reach gears series tales of vesperia lost odyssey FM4 kameo PGR4 multi format mass effect series GTA V dark souls1&2 skyrim fallout 3 RDR ninja gaiden 2 bioshock infinite tomb raider(2013) metro 2033 and last light GTAIV AC2 AC4

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@hrt_rulz01 said:

Orange Box.

Oh I forgot about orange box lol.

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GTA V !! for sure !

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I'm just going to leave objectivity out and say my favorite xbox 360 game is Halo 3

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My answer will always be halo 3. When you get a group of friends to play custom games of run through the campaign on legendary with skulls on. Good times man. I can see why people would think the game is overrated, with the graphics and unrealistic gameplay, but if you get friends to play online it's jut an amazing gaming experience.

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Personally for me it would have to be either Skyrim or GTA V, as I'm a big fan of RPG's.

If I had to choose one I would probably say... GTA V. The reason being, the multiplayer is so fun with group of friends. Despite all the bugs and glitches etc people have abused since launch, it was still extremely fun just playing with friends, killing, being killed, blowing up peoples vehicles (bad sport was such a crap feature), horde/survival modes and just having a showroom filled with super cars. I could play GTA V for hours on end with a group of 5-6 mates and never get bored. Skyrim was amazing too, best single player game I've ever played, but I always have the most fun when playing with friends

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Alan Wake.

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Gears of war series in terms of only exclusives

But if one looks at all games then i must say Call of duty series, Battlefield and Alan wake.

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Borderlands 1+2

Gears of War

ES: Oblivion + Skyrim

Dirt 3

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Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Halo Wars, Halo HD, Halo 4 would be my answer.

Followed by GeoW1, GeoW2, GeoW3, and GeoW judgement.

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The best Xbox 360 exclusive games is the first Dead Rising game and Alan Wake, the best games are the Mass Effect series, the Dead Rising series, and The Orange Box.

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Fable and Gears of War series is a definite

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Sonic Adventure 2.