What External HDD To Get For XBox One?

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I want to get a 4TB External HDD for my XB1. Have anyone pick up an External HDD for the XB1 yet? Which one did you get? What is a good 4TB HDD to get? Please provide links if you know of any. Thanks

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I got a WD my book 3TB external HDD and it works great.

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@blackace: I got this: http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Backup-Desktop-External-STDT4000100/dp/B00HFRWXQ0/ref=sr_1_19?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1404574094&sr=1-19

Zero complaints so far, and as a nice little bonus load times have decreased for many games compared to the internal hard disk. Some games more than others. There are more expensive and more portable ones out there, in case you like bringing your game library with you. But this one I got works great for me. Perhaps the only downside is that if you turn off you xbox with instant on power option, the hard disk stays on, but from my research online that's not a big issue and should not really affect the lifespan of the device too much.

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Thanks for all the info fellas. I'll check out that 4GB drive. I still have about 200GB left on the 500GB drive. So, I'm still go for a little while, but once the holidays start to roll in, I'll be getting about 6-7 games for my XB1, Sunset Overdrive. Master Chief Collection, Horizon 2, Alien Isolation & Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix just to name a few.

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I would recommend that whatever you do get, get a portable one so you don't have to plug in an extra hdd, it will just feed off of the power from the X1 =)

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How easy is it to setup a new HDD? Does it format everything nice and easily on it's own?

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I still need to get an external hard drive for my Xbox One.