What do you think of the new dashboard?

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#1 Posted by Zandril (2 posts) -

So recently, Microsoft changed the look of the dashboard. Reply what you think about it.

I, personally, think it's better than the old one just because a lot of things got bigger.

#2 Posted by Legendaryscmt (12532 posts) -

There's more boxes...that's about it.

#3 Posted by spike6958 (4639 posts) -
I was part of the beta for the new dashboard, and I like it. My only real complaint is that the box showing what disc is in the console is tiny. I still feel that the large box in the center should have been for that.
#4 Posted by zyphyr2k12 (272 posts) -

It's ok I guess but I can't tell a huge difference in it and the one before. Just little things. So I'm going to say it's ok. I mostly only use the home tab anyways.

#5 Posted by quaid78 (21 posts) -

It's great that they gave XBLA and XBLIG an own page and made them more accessible. Internet Explorer is nice, too.

I don't know if they did a good job with these "Recommendation" tiles. "We recommed this game, because you tried out a trial of a completely different game many years ago" ....

#6 Posted by EvilSelf (3619 posts) -

I dont like it. It is too cluttered. it looks like my Windows Phone to be honest - same layout. Not fond of it at all.

#7 Posted by xgraderx (2395 posts) -

I havent explored everything yet but I really liked what Ive seen so far.

#8 Posted by BadNewsBen (1493 posts) -
I kind of like it, actually. I have been waiting for them to do something like the Pin Board for forever.
#9 Posted by mrsniper83 (1552 posts) -
They always try to give us what we want but they never do.I could care less about the Internet Explorer because I HAVE A COMPUTER, plus it doesn't even support flash videoes so you can't go to sites like IGN,Gamespot,etc and see videos.The only thing they ever do is clutter up the dashboard with ads and more boxes.....To me, it was fine 2 updates ago.
#10 Posted by MentatAssassin (3007 posts) -

I like it actually. It's weird cause the thing I like the most is the fact that they made the panels greener.

#11 Posted by k2theswiss (16574 posts) -
bla. nothing new. just reformated. Only people who use IE is people who don't have pc for some reason. SO with that said my pins is only decent thing yet thats only for mainly people buy arcade games
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#13 Posted by Matthew-first (3007 posts) -

I like it ^^
The screen resolution seems to be bigger... it's more sharp than before.
It has more tiles... which is nice and the thing you can pin up a lot of in one place... so you don't need to look for them for hours XD
And the internet explorer is really nice..

I like the SMART GLASS too.. It's easy and responsive to use.