What are your top 5 XBLA games?

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Looking for some good games to download, just wanted some ideas. I've plaid Braid, Trials HD, and Limbo. Any other good ones I should check out?

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Hard choice, there's been some pretty awesome games out.

Shadow Complex
Super Meat Boy
Trials Evolution

There is literally dozens of other great games on XBLA if you take the time to do research and look around. I have over 70 downloaded games from my 8 years with my 360 and there's still lots I want to play but didn't get a chance yet.

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State of Decay

Jet Set Radio

Trials Evolution

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD (Glitch-fest)

Far Cry Blood Dragon or Super Meat Boy

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Spelunky-Very hard game, but lots of fun to play with friends on local coop

Banjo Kazooie-Not an original xbla game, but still a nice update that feels great and not dated at all (besides graphics)

Ilomilo- Looks like a kiddy game at first, but it is actually a very difficult puzzle game (starts off easy and gradually gets tougher). I really enjoyed it, and it has a lot of content for what it's worth. Lots of extra levels. If you like puzzle games check it out.

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Monday Night Combat

The Walking Dead


Battlefield 1943

Shadow Complex

That's my top five, but Dead Rising 2: Case Zero only barely doesn't make it

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Highly recommend Contrast and Brothers: A tale of two sons, excellent games!

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Castle Crashers

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Pinball FX 2

Lumines Live

The Walking Dead

Bejeweled 3