What are you playing this month?

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#51 Posted by CTR360 (7034 posts) -
i playing for 360 RE6 borderlands2 the witcher 2 dragon dogma amalur sleeping dogs
#52 Posted by The_Last_Ride (71180 posts) -
PES 13 and Dragon Age 2
#53 Posted by piranha_inc (1994 posts) -
Darksiders, can't believe i missed out on this game, it's really something. Darksiders 2 got me interested, but I wont get it until I finish the first one
#54 Posted by blackace (20548 posts) -
Just started playing NBA 2K13, Borderlands 2 and Dragon's Dogma. Still need to finish Kingdoms of Amular, Diablo 3, Torchlight, Day Light and a bunch of other games.
#55 Posted by BiThBhE0 (1643 posts) -
Borderlands 2. Not planning on getting anything else till next year.
#56 Posted by super600 (30508 posts) -

Sonic Adventure 2 HD.

#57 Posted by cejay0813 (612 posts) -

Trying to finish Dead Space and Assassins Creed 2 @ the same d*** time.

#58 Posted by mrsniper83 (1552 posts) -
Playing Borderlands 2, RE6 and been playing some Just Cause 2
#59 Posted by Subtle_Ninja_X (35 posts) -
This month will be: - Borderlands 2 - Dragons Dogma - Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (Finish Out) And probably some arcade games in between these
#60 Posted by GrannyGoat (1192 posts) -

Right now I'm playing Dishonored (redbox rental). GREAT GAME. I also have Dark Souls and The Witcher II on the way from amazon. Also plan to play some ME3 multiplayer since they came out with the new DLC. I think I'm good for awhile! I want to get Borderlands 2 because I redboxed it and its friggen awesome but I didn't have time to finish000000-[

#61 Posted by MJS88 (60 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption at the moment. I wasted all last year playing Fifa 12. In September 11' I bought RDR from bargain bin but never opened it.

So I decided NOT to buy sucky football games this year and focus on real games.

Damn I can't believe I stayed away from RDR for so long! I'm about 75% through. I lined up my next game: Batman Arkham Asylum. I played the Arkham City demo and thought it was so great that I should play the 'prequel' first. After that I may play the GTA4 expansions as I never did before. I will wait until the GTA V release date is announced though so I can use the expansions as a warm up :).

(I play games for the single player mode only so therefore I usually buy games 2 years after release date when they cost £15 instead of £50). Except for GTA games that is =D.

#62 Posted by ELIteManning88 (1 posts) -
I'm finishing up Mass Effect 2 and i'll move on to ME3
#63 Posted by Flamingpostman (1172 posts) -

Resident Evil 6

#64 Posted by RedChuckz (743 posts) -
Playing Borderlands2 love it so far, its going to last me till AC3 comes out can't wait!!!
#65 Posted by Zanman720 (257 posts) -

Walking Dead: Episode 4....Bravo....Epic.

#66 Posted by thetravman (3518 posts) -

I'm thinking of dropping all the games I'm playing and just focus on the survival horror. It's Halloween month of course. I have to finish Silent Hill HD and the Condemned games. I want to try Dead Space too but I don't have the stomach for the violence. After that, I'll probably revisit Eternal Darkness, RE 0, Re Remake, and Re5 (last one was a joke, but I didn't have to tell you).