What are the chances of an Xbox one B2G1 free sale?

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#1 Posted by Bangerman15 (1977 posts) -

I know the ps4 is having it, but it kind of sucks because I don't want to risk spending anything on Knack in case it flops hard so I'm just wondering, what do you guys think the chances of the xbox one having a sale similar to that are? All I have seen is gamestops disappointing leaked ad that shows all xbox one games 59.99. :( It would help the wallet out a little more since I'm most likely getting more one games.

#2 Posted by kingoflife9 (1987 posts) -

wait , where are they having the ps4 sale like that? the X1 is turning out to be a very expensive console... and btw don't get knack, its wack, like crack.

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It's some Black Friday deal target is doing. I do hope the eventually do something for X1

#4 Posted by Nintendo_Man (19635 posts) -

I doubt we will get any sale like that here in Australia.

#5 Posted by Green_Chaos (365 posts) -

Without a doubt, it's more likely a Black Friday sale for after Thanks Giving. If that's the case, then we can assume that Xbox 1 may or may not be on the list.