Verizon high speed internet and xbox live.

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#1 Posted by primatez (138 posts) -

I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out what to choose with verizon high speed internet so i can play xbox live, if i decide to get verizon. i was looking at the site today and there were multiple things to choose from that i couldn't really understand, like FIOS and DSL (which i dont want), then i saw something on there about cable. HELP!


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FiOS is fiber optic to the house. I think most would agree that is best option in most cases. DSL is good, but not as good as cable or FiOS. If I had the option to get FiOS, I would. I have Comcast cable and it is actually pretty fast.
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If you have the $, get FiOS. I have it, and am able to stream HD content from Netflix without any probems. You can't say the same for most DSL. I've had FiOS since the summer and am loving it! Cable will slow down during peak hours, so it's not the best option unless money is tight.
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i would get FIOS, cable would be my second choice