Turtle Beach XP510 Question

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Hey guys, I received my headset yesterday and set it up, but when am chatting with my friends, they say that my voice volume is really low. I tried increasing it from the headset and from the Xbox, but it just won't change, can i maybe edit the presets to make my voice louder? Appreciate the help.

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ya go in and make a custom pre set. Also have you tried increasing the BT or w/e it's called?

personaly reason why i like headsets is it's hard for me hear other people over the actual game. I went into my headset increased gamechat volume and decresed the game

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Personally I think Turtle Beach are over-priced and they are the most returned Headphones in the world due to its in capability of surviving its way to your house in the bloody car. Ive bought 2 pretty expensive Turtle Beach Headsets, come home and they're broken, so...... I personally think AfterGlow and Triton are the best Gaming Headsets :)

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@k2theswiss: Sounds Good, yea the BT+ just increases the others peoples volume, but i tried everything from the headset, my voice is still low, I'll try playing around with a custom preset, maybe that will work out.