Trade in Red Ring.

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#1 Posted by homer261984 (372 posts) -

So I have just about had it with my Xbox 360. It just Red Ringed for the last time. Does anybody know if they accept red ringed xbox's for trade in at gamestop. I think I'm just going to invest in a new Elite.

#2 Posted by bobdood99 (1862 posts) -

I guess you could, because they don't check to see if it's RROD.

#3 Posted by Apocalypse97 (1758 posts) -
Yeah you could, but it would be a bad move, cause someone has to buy that red ringed 360 and they're going to be pissed.
#4 Posted by MassiveKaos (3876 posts) -

Out of warranty? if not repair it then sell it on ebay or something.

#5 Posted by B-SNiZ (146 posts) -

I'm pretty sure Gamestop would take legal action if you gave them a RROD system with you having knowledge of that. They're D-Bags like that. I'd just trash it and move on. Or there are some people that will take it. They take dead systems, restore them and sell them.

#6 Posted by homer261984 (372 posts) -

Yeah I'm sure they prolly would try and screw me, plus I sure wouldn't want to pass my plite onwards. Thanks guys.

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I can't say it for other Gamestops, but I have a friend that works at one, and he says that they do check for problems when a person trades in a console.

#8 Posted by Hobbsey07 (1252 posts) -

Gamespots do check the system right infront of you to make sure they are functional and then the play a game on it to make sure it doesnt fail.

I recommend shipping it Microsoft for repairs considering the 3 year warranty. Major problems if you trade in a broken console.

#9 Posted by mariokart64fan (19624 posts) -

lol this is hilliarious , fine you had it but dont sit there and trade in your broken trash , , for money to spend and so chances are the guy behind you decide to buy it , and hes sol because microsoft only warrants the original purchaser

and it be because of you ! even if microsoft knew about the errors you should be adult enough to handle it in an adult way by either

geting it fixed first then sell it

or just trash it

im pretty sure theyll have you on camera so if it turns out they do not check it they can come back for you , youll spend your time in jail or giving up the money in the end youll be out of a 360 and your money any way

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oh yeah, your right. you never know if they will lock me up with the dregs of society because i traded in a red ringed xbox.

Anyway the story has a happy ending I went to gamestop today and just traded in a bunch of my old games. Low and behold they where worth more than I thought and I got myself a shinny new elite.