Together we will game.

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Hello and welcome. Thanks for getting this far and taking the time to read this.

So now that E3 is over there is one main thing I have noticed with almost all the upcoming games. That would be that they all required co-op or strategic base team work. Now I know this has been a part of almost every online game so far, but not in this kind of way.

So the main reason of this post is really to get together a group of people to play in a big group. (Kinda like a clan I guess you would call it).

Now with my 360 I had a few good gaming buddies but when I moved to the Xbox One they all stayed with Xbox or moved to PS4.

What I’m thinking/ looking for:

People who play often (preferable in NZ or Ozzy) I personally play almost all day every Saturday and after work for a few hours.

People who play a range of all game Types. I personally play anything but sports games.

People who don’t always need to take the game serious and can have fun and just enjoy the game but still be completive when you want to be.

Not looking to make a big clan to verse other clans but just to have fun.

Anyway enough talking and back to the game. If you want to add me on or have anything to say please leave a post.

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We have a thread dedicated to sharing gamertags, try there.