Titanfall: Xbox 360 vs Xbox One version?

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For anyone who has had the chance to play the 360 version, how does it run? I expect some downgrade in graphics, but as long as it runs relatively well, I'm thinking about getting it.

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I'd say if you have a 360, just be happy with it. Don't need to buy a X Bone for one game. 360 version should be sufficient enough.

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If I were you I'd see if you could trade up toward the Xbox One, especially if they still have $400 Titanfall bundles. I traded in my 360 and PS3 when I got the Xbox One and got about $90 for each system and about $150 for all of my games.

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There's obviously a difference but does it warrant $500 to play it on the better system? If you don't have an Xbox One, buy it on your Xbox 360 and enjoy the game for what it is. Worse case scenario are the visuals being a little lower in comparison, perhaps more screen-tearing and more rough edges/Jaggies.

But, if you're about to buy an Xbox One soon than hold off and buy it for that, if those things bother you so much, but even than you won't be playing the so called "best version" as the games also on the PC ;)

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I got Titanfall on 360 and it looks and plays great. It's got all the same features, it just doesn't look quite as sharp and the framerate averages around 45 while the Xone version was around fifty something.

Considering how good this port is I just can't see any justification in getting the Xbox One just for Titanfall. I'm actually really thankful, I can hold off on getting a One until Halo 2 Anniversary comes out, if it does.

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I have both versions because the X Bone is in the man cave and came with Titanfall but the kids needed a copy for the 360 as well. It looks great on the 360. I would still buy the Titanfall bundle though, you get a $70 game for free...it's a no brainer.

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I never tought the game looked all that nextgen so I'm not suprised the 360 version doesn't look or run bad. I am suprised that if they can get the game running on 360 with 512mb of ram and 9yr+ old hardware, why can't this game be a solid 60fps and 1080p on the xbox one?

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If the look or performance is a concern, then don't let it be. Looks fine; plays fine. In fact, it's a lot of fun. But there's not a lot of substance to it. I don't know. My favorite COD games were the ones with Zombies, or some additional mode. The standard offering here is good, but it wasn't enough to satisfy. I know it sounds weird about a game with giant walking robots, but it's a bit one note. No perks, other than a shield overload. Just a bit thin in its offering. I'd give it a solid 7.5, if I were grading it. Good but not great. Massive potential in the series, though.

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@slduncanlaw: my thoughts, the game is fun, but this game could be epic. Maybe next time around they can do more.

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Respawn selected the Source Engine as the engine of choice primarily due to its ability to efficiently push polygons around with ease, and not because of its visual grunt (ala Unreal Tech 5 - Wolfenstein). This allows minimal visual disparity between the 360 and X1 versions whilst retaining its slick feel which is essential for a game of this type.

All in all the 360 version is very close albeit with the exception of Frame Rate (which are still extremely adequate) and the very rare instance of 'muddy' visuals (e.g. getting in Titans).

Regardless of platform, if you like Run-n-Gun shooters, having the ability to freely traverse the environment and fighting in, on and against giant robots, its a brilliant game! : )

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Save your money and get the 360 version. You'll find the game has a LOT to live up too and probably be thankful you didn't buy the Xbone for some resolutions and frames.

I have the Xbone and the game and I hardly play it. If you were a neighbor, I'd just let you borrow it assuming you bought the bone.