Titanfall Tips: Share Yours

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I found this site for solid tips, but share yours. I'd love to compile a list. Especially if you have early access to the game or played the beta, please contribute.


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Jump, aim and shoot.

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High ground

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Just play and adjust, look at what other players are doing in game and just copy. Pretty much just do your own thing. I laughed when people said you can't play bf4 like call of duty (you can't rush and run and gun). Thats a joke, you can obviously run n gun in bf4.

Most helpful tip for Titanfall, find spectres on the map, go invisible and hack them. You'll now have a rocket launcher a.I. buddy.

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@slimdogmilionar said:

High ground

I'm hoping the additional maps stop this from being the best strategy. I hope there are some good shotty maps.

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@DaBrainz: Yea most people just go to the roofs. I'm always on foot two man team, me and my auto titan. YOU WILL GET RODEOED.lol