Titanfall, Sic.

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So is it just me, or do modern games get more and more seizure inducing with each release? I mean is it the ultimate goal of these developers to leave people convulsing on the floor after a 20minute play session? Or for us to have our heads in the toilet after the same time interval?

Call me crazy but new games make me sick more then make me enjoy a new game experience. That goes at least for everything I've seen on Xbox One and another reason I have yet to get one. I am an old man (28) and I can admit that, but I don't see how anyone can handle that much imagery and enjoy it. It seems to be worse on the "twitch" shooters then most other games, but still, its sickening.

Hence I'd rather play DOOM over any 1st person shooter released in the last 5yrs. The last good fps game IMO was Battlefield Bad Company 2. That at least seemed manageable to me, but there is SO Much S*&# going on in games like Titanfall, Battlefield 4, and any of the call of dutys since 4, how the hell can anyone even see the players their shooting at?? When did shooters become about how much shit you could put on screen, and how many crazy things you can have going on all at once? To me that's not entertainment its annoying.

Which brings me to ask the question,...

Do New Games also make you physically sick to your stomach and or induce headaches??

What would you like to see done differently??

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No, I don't get sick. I know others that do, namely some female friends I spoke to recently. However, I do get bored with many new games. Too many cookie cutter game designs, too easy, not much gameplay changes from the beginning to the end, and boring choices designed to lure in the nooby masses.

TF for instance (in your title) only held my attention for a few weeks before I quit it altogether. It's a shame as I had high hopes from Respawn, but I think they released it out of the oven WAY TOO Early and what we got felt unfinished. My friends feel the same as I did, but I know others seem to love it so whatever. Metacritic warned us all, I guess.

I suppose that cookie cutter, not fleshed out games makes the other more polished AAA games that are amazing stand out even more though. I guess you need that mediocrity in a way, to appreciate the gems.

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how are they worse than games of the past like tribes and Unreal , counter strike. Those were fast games. so fast. Titan fall and battlefield youd can just focus on whats important at least thats how i feel about it

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what you are say is you are one of the few who's brain can not keep up?

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I am 43 - I must be almost dead then....(if 28 is termed a 'old man' haha) - just kidding......

I see your point but to be honest I think it is more that the graphics are becoming sharper and more defined which means that it seems a lot is happening....

when i play i'm certainly not the fastest race horse in the stable but definitely not the slowest turtle.......but i don't feel 'sick'...

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@equanox214: I will concede that yes, Unreal Tournament was always pretty fast, but that was THE fastest game around when it came out and for decades. The games today, I think due in part to what @craigkelleigh said about the sharper graphics just seem to be so much more intense.

I do not think however, Counter-strike is a fair comparison. In that game you had 10 people on a map at maximum, that is in no way like a game with between 16-64 players and a plethora of vehicles to jump in and pilot alongside changing landscape and terrain.... That, is a quite different game entirely, and as far as focusing on "what matters" again, I don't see how you can when there are potentially 32 other people against you, all possibly piloting vehicles or sniping from insanely well hidden positions. It is enough to make me sick.

@k2theswiss actually, what I'm say is complete sentences, haha. I may be slightly older, but its not quite an issue of a senile brain that cant keep track of things as it is a complete overload of the visual senses.

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I don't get sick mang. #FirstWorldProblems

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I understand that some people will feel nauseous after playing FPS games that have a lot of camera shake, but I haven't felt it while playing Titanfall yet. I believe it may be a combination of camera shake and the high frame rate that cause people to feel sick. The only time I've felt nauseous in a game was during the very first section of "CoD: Ghosts" where you have to slowly walk up that hill. I had a very difficult time watching the screen without feeling dizzy; it's strange because I play games like Titanfall, Mirrors Edge and CoD all the time, and that is the only section where I felt uncomfortable.

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I got a little sick playing DOOM on the Sega Genesis but not at all playing Titanfall. Old at 28, is this a joke?

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I do not get sick from video games.