Things you hate about the Xbox One...

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#51 Posted by maccer101 (4257 posts) -
I don't really like that kinect is required, and that's about it
#52 Posted by blackace (20886 posts) -

I still pre ordered it since it has some cool games, but I absolutely HATE that it has weaker specs than the other guy, and the look of the console isnt very appealing.

other than that im on board, pre ordered through

Specs don't matter. The Wii had much less specs then the PS3 and XBox 360 and completely destroyed them in hardware and software sales. Only 3 things I hate about the XBox One is the way it looks (which completely sucks), the fact that Kinect has to be connected to XBox One for it to work & the terrible name of the system. They should have stuck with XBox Infinity or XBox Next. Whoever thought of XBox One should be shot in the foot.
#53 Posted by jsmoke03 (12929 posts) -

the way it looks, kinect, xbox live (though it seems that everyones going to be paying for online now)  and the controller

#54 Posted by sukraj (23060 posts) -

I really hate how it's not in my entertainment centre and rockin' my world.


Not long to wait imo.

#55 Posted by RevLuckyShot (14 posts) -
The whole forced kinect 2.0 i think will be a good thing. We can't expect the same thing each time a new console comes out. Times change and the Xbox is changing with it. after 1 year of the X1 being out, im sure there will be many people stating how much of a good idea it was to have the kinect come as standard. The devs will definitely give us our moneys worth.
#56 Posted by Megavideogamer (5441 posts) -

The manatory Kinect V2 is the only thing I "hate" about Xbox One. Kinect thus far has proven useless for videogames. The tech is better suited for other uses. Like in hospital operating rooms. The non gaming uses for Kinect are good.

But when it comes to videogames Kinect has not really proven itself. Despite selling 18million units the only games that have used kinect are Dance central. Even Star Wars for kinect devoled into Dance central.

So MS by making Kinect mandatory will have a breakout gaming hit for Kinect. Not likely I don't see that a Xbox one kinect V2 game being named game of the year.

Motion controlled games will remain a niche product.

#57 Posted by iHateSnowfall (4 posts) -
Tbh, I hate tons of things about the xbox one, one of the things that disappoints me the most is the TV feature, solely for that reason, I don't want to get an xbox one.
#58 Posted by The_Last_Ride (72432 posts) -
Mandatory Kinect, TV app which means jack sh*** in europe since it won't even come here. Sports that won't reach europe... And the fact that they forget that there are countries outside us that buy their console.