There are types of games that would be good for Kinect.

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I don't know why any developer has never even thought about this but RTS's would be great on Kinect. You could use your had like a mouse and the voice control could be use for setting up unit groups and going to other parts of the map real fast. There are other things you could do with RTS's but this is the basics. You can use it on rail shooters. You can use your hand like a gun or get some cheap plastic gun for a reference point. When you pick up a weapon, you just shout out the name like "shotgun" and you character pulls out a shotgun ready to use. There are other thing that developers never bothered to think about, not even MS, that could make Kinect worthwhile. Does only one else think these ideas have potential?

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The only games kenict is good at are dancing and fitness type games. Everything else sucks, the voice works less then 60% of the time unless you're in a quiet environment. I bought the orignal kinect and my share of kinect games, dance central is by far the best kinect game, everything else is just a novelty at best.

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I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you, using your hands via Kinect to plan your next moves? The Kinect would have to be perfect and let's be honest it's not. Not all hand movements are picked up by the Kinect and things would get frustrating real fast. But on the other hand I have said that Microsoft should take a few risks and get the Kinect going with some unique games, I just don't think RTS games should be the genre. They just don't work on consoles all that well in general to be honest.

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I always thought that a company would release an RTS game when the first Kinect was still in development... I believe that the companies don't want to take that plunge because of the demographic. Most RTS fans play on the PC, and motion-control gamers fall heavily in the casual fan category. Casual fans will look at an RTS game and say "that looks too complicated." I think Kinect will rely heavily on the Indie developers for success now; casual fans are attracted to games that are simple and easy to learn. I'm sure someone out there has an amazing idea for the Kinect.