'The Cloud' is actually going to really benefit Titanfall

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A lot of people joke about the Azure Cloud that Microsoft touted since the infamous One reveal - somewhat understandably so given their poor messaging prior to E3. But at it's core, it's a server farm, and that server farm is going to come in quite handy come March 11th when Titanfall drops.

After the Sim City and Battlefield 4 debacle, imagine if the Titanfall servers were going to be handled by EA... confidence at launch would be rock bottom given the game's online-only focus. However, Titanfall guaranteed to have, responsive servers maintained by the company that wrote the networking code. It's a huge boon, and one of the reasons I think people who joke about 'the cloud' and 'secret sauce' don't really understand what they are even arguing against half the time.

I understood the teasing when they said it would improve graphics without any direct evidence, but the cloud-based AI system in Forza 5 has been one of the most innovative features on the One to date, and it wouldn't have been possible without Microsoft's server infrastructure.

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ya, if titanfall was running off EA shit, i can bet it would be guaranteed crashes up and down. beta alone had one crash and that was Friday before it even came open beta.

supposedly all the AI in titanfall is going be working off the servers and not the game

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Azure. Same shit, different name, new year.

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Tons of company already running their servers on Azure, so, MS has plenty of experience. Even Apple uses Azure if you are not amazed enough. Anyway, there are few times Azure flunked as well, and yes, it is not just simple gaming impact, it is more business impact which is huge compare to gaming. But, because Azure targets business, their quality is enterprise grade. What is good about Xbox One is because Azure is free for all Xbox One games, no cost, unless EA and other dedicated servers. It helps smaller developers focus on games instead of managing servers. And it is always good is, it is da cloud. You wouldn't have those empty dedicated servers wasting money or few overloaded servers making people unhappy. Da cloud has no such problem, especially for XBL because XBL concurrent users is a finite amount, so, the server load is much more stable, increasing as more member joins, not because a game is newly on the market or not.

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It'll still cop a lot of shit from people just like TEH CELL POWAH!! from the PS3 days.