Tales of Vesperia- Labyrinth of Memories HELP!!!!!!!

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Ok everyone i am really pulling my hair out here only because i hope i am wrong.... Alright I have completed one play through on TOV, and I want to access the bonus dungeon LOM, well on my first playthrough i didn't speak with the sage of the original Yormgen. However, I did on my second play through which someone told me is required BEFORE entering the Enduring Shrine of Zaude. So I did, but I have beaten the ESOZ, and have went to Dahngrest multiple times(yes i have entered from the correct side) but I cannot trigger the earthquake they feel to access the LOM. Now am i supposed to wait until right before the last dungeon? Because it seems pretty hopeless at the moment and I swear if i did all this only to have to play through the game once more I am snapping the damn disc and writing a nasty letter to Namco. Any help would be VERY appreciated Thank You!!!!
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1. Talk to Sage in Yormgen (at pharaoh's crag, you'll see it when you get there.) during the hunt for the Spirits 2. Rest when he asks you to 3. Stay at the inn 4. Try to leave and watch cut scene 5. BEAT THE GAME 6. Continue your cleared file 7. Return to Yormgen and talk to Sage again 8. Go to Dongrest and watch cut scene 9. Leave Dongrest and head west until you have a cut scene 10. Land in the spot where the cut scene occurred and enter dungeon. (I hope this helps and good luck with your dungeon) -Miss C