sword fighting games

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#1 Posted by uwiwami (334 posts) -

Is there any beat em-up sword fighting games for the 360

Games like 'Spartan total warrior' that was on PS2

#2 Posted by The_Sand_Man (6788 posts) -
Yes. Ninja Gaiden 2 is fantastic. ;)
#3 Posted by Matt-4542 (8002 posts) -
Ninja Gaiden 2 is all I can think of.
#4 Posted by orb_03_2006 (8494 posts) -
does Assassins Creed count?
#5 Posted by SlashDementia3 (4224 posts) -
Viking: Battle for Asgard is by the same developer.
#6 Posted by chadurwalla (117 posts) -
CONAN. I highly recommend it, just get past the first stage and then let the blood flow.