Some Halo 4 Questions

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#1 Posted by CBN16 (353 posts) -

Hello Gamespot. I got Halo 4 on Tuesday and have been addicted so far (I bet many can relate). Anyway, I have some questions.

My first one is reguarding the preorder bonuses from Gamestop. I got the HAZOP armor, camo BR, and emblems. They worked for a week, but now they're gone. Did this happen to everyone? Will I be able to unlock them later.

I am also wondering if content that was available in preorders and other editions of the game will be available. Some examples are the Lotus armor, the Fotus armor, the light rifle skin, Venator armor, etc. Are there any armors that will not be unlockable in the game unless you have a code?

My last question is about firefight and invasion mode. Has 343 announced if these will ever be available? What about the ability to play as Elites like past Halo games? And will the Hornet/Falcon, Revenant, or plasma rifle return?

I hope you guys can help! Thanks.

#2 Posted by muller39 (14944 posts) -

I purchased the Halo 4 limited edition console and my Fotus Armour is still working. I also got the AR skin and it also still works. I cannot answer your last question however as I don't know. Sorry I couldn't be of more help :)

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Firefight will not be returning, it was taken out to make room for Spartan Ops. I can't answer your other questions, though.
#4 Posted by CBN16 (353 posts) -

Thanks guys. I launched the game today and the HAZOP armor is back. I am still wondering if I need a code for the Lotus and Fotus armors, or if I will eventually be able to unlock them.