So who's staying loyal and getting the Xbox One?

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#51 Posted by TheDane87 (1 posts) -

For me it was a matter of dertemining which console would give me the most joy - the One won due to a number of things:

- I feel the controller is better to hold/use

- Better games, both lineup (titanfall!!!!!) and in the long run (such as Halo)

- The Kinect. Yes I said it! I think there is a lot of potential in the Kinect, and the fact that all Xboxs are shipped with one, means that developers will be more likely to add cool features to use it. If not, it can stay in the box.

I almost chose the PS4 due to the fact that that is what all my friends are playing on, and more gameplay in Assassins Creed, but that was not enough in the end.

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Defo staying Loyal even with the price i could not give up on my Xbox friends really looking forward to the 22nd .

#53 Posted by inmyeyes7 (7 posts) -

Honestly some really stupid comments on here about Loyalty for god sake it's only a question .

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I am going to wait 18-24 months after the release of it...

#55 Posted by bigoth866 (11 posts) -

I really want to stay loyal but right now I don't know if I'll be able to fit the price tag of it. Besides I feel like I need a better TV first too. xD

#56 Posted by kingoflife9 (1987 posts) -

after this cod ghosts running at 720p rumors, I'm finding it very hard to keep my pre order.

#57 Edited by dbtbandit67 (353 posts) -

I'm getting an Xbox One, but it has nothing to do with loyalty, I'm getting it cause I'm a gamer and I love games, I've owned most of the consoles since the Genesis, and I'm getting a PS4 also.

I'm looking forward to playing Forza 5. The HDMI input, and being able to use Kinect like a voice activated universal remote controller looks interesting too. I'm in 3 fantasy basketball leagues, I'd like to be able to watch basketball games and watch my stats updated in real time. Looks cool

#58 Posted by ReubenAl3xander (10 posts) -

had to go through 4 different xbox systems paying full price for 2 of them. The new one does nothing to impress me and all the research ive done says they are technically the same other than the handful of exclusives that are being hyped. The only positive Xbox One had over PS4 is that Titanfall looks pretty cool which is not enough. I dont do kinect and 99% of the games i play are multi-platform. PS4 100$ cheaper and not region locked. The one reason that may have made me think a bit about staying with Xbox was friends on the same system and that is not even holding up this time around which was a hugely important factor when I went with the 360.

Sorry Microsoft game over, no lives left...

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I was not going to, but then they reversed the DRM and i swapped my pre order.

#60 Posted by blackace (21228 posts) -

@kingoflife9: I'm getting it day one, but I'm not loyal to just one brand. I go where the great games are. So I'll be getting a PS4 as well. The Wii U is finally getting some decent games, but that probably won't happen until must later next year.

#61 Posted by XCyberForceX (1135 posts) -

I'm staying loyal and getting an XBOX 1. I'm also considering a PS4 in the future, to play games with my brother since he will never switch over to XBOX. My only hope is that there's cross-console play in the future. We'll see.

#62 Posted by Pixel_Lounge (7 posts) -

It's clear that the Xbox One has much more to offer, will be the envy of other console owners and is very much future proof as a games device and even more so, an entertainment device!

A must read:

#63 Posted by Adam_Cinelioglu (15 posts) -

Here's some impressions of the console that the public got hands on :D

#64 Posted by Chickan_117 (16329 posts) -

Do they have exclusives I want to play? Yes. Ok I'm buying.

Did WiiU? Yes. Same story.

PS4? Same again.

I don't get this whole "loyalty" thing. Look at a console, the games it has, whether it suits your needs and purchased based on that. Who cares whether it's a tablet, PC, Xbox, WiiU or PS?! I get that some people can only afford one in which case I'd expect you to do a little more analysis than most but loyalty shouldn't enter into it

#65 Posted by Adam_Cinelioglu (15 posts) -

Hey guys and dolls, I'm new to gamespot! >.<

I just wanted to share with you all my interviews with the attendees of the recent Xbox One Tour which I was lucky enough to have acquired a two day attendance to!

Let me know what you guys think and whether or not you'll be pre-ordering/buying the Xbox One!

#66 Posted by wookiegr (12 posts) -

Doctors are making great advancements in treating Stockholm Syndrome if anyone is still considering buying an Xbox One. Just sayin...

#67 Posted by driftingsilvia (4089 posts) -

There is no such thing as loyalty in gaming. If you buy a system based on loyalty, then you're selling yourself short based on a company name, kind of like apple fans. Get what you feel is better, and in my opinion it isn't the Xbox. I've had 3 Xbox 360's over the years since launch. I won't apologize for feeling like me being a customer to them for this many years and we continue to be shafted. They started a program to give Gold users 2 free games per month. They make over $4 million per year solely on Xbox live. Yet for our "loyalty", we get games no one wants, already has, and are years old. So, how exactly are we valued customers?

#68 Posted by -Y2J- (1000 posts) -

who care about loyalty to a gaming console, thats pretty stupid. my main console this gen was the 360 but its probably going to be the ps4 next as that seems the overall better system.

#69 Posted by Nintendo_Man (19636 posts) -

I am buying it to play the games I want.

#71 Posted by FireAegis (7 posts) -

I will eventually get both, as to me, they both have their fair share of good looking game titles coming soon. Probably getting XB1 first though <3

#72 Posted by bumsonfire (225 posts) -

been loyal since the first ever xbox came out and gonna stay loyal by getting the next ones.

#73 Posted by undergroundLPx (645 posts) -

I was really leaning towards jumping ship but believe it or not, my Xbox Live account and its 8 year history is pulling me towards staying with Xbox. Comparing both and not seeing many differences helps the case too.

#74 Posted by PanamaJack445 (625 posts) -

I like what I've seen so far, and though the price is a little bit higher I don't mind staying loyal to the brand that has brought me 8 years of awesome with the Xbox 360. Probably won't get it at release, but not long thereafter.

#75 Edited by lilkarlh666 (160 posts) -

I'm personally doing what i did last generation. I bought the 360 first and moved onto the ps3 later when all of the games came out for that. I am buying the xbox one first and will be seeing in the first 12 months how both consoles play out. So far however it is the xbox one that has me mainly excited.

#76 Edited by GameRNurse822 (14 posts) -

I'm buying both. Mainly for the exclusives that each on their own have. How can I not get Knack which looks amazing, and Resogun which since I watched the IGN live feed also looks amazing. I hate this whole Sony vs. Microsoft "war". It's just silly. Who gives a shit if Ghosts is in 1080p? If the game is a great play and I don't get pawned by 12 year olds who talk smack on XBL, then it will be enjoyable. I'm not a fanboy of either system, I just enjoy good gaming, whether it's on XBox One or on PS4. Besides, neither system has seen the light of day, so everything said is for either side to get a reaction out of the other.

Damn it, just let Nov. 15 and 22nd, get here already!!!

#77 Posted by jekyll (9140 posts) -

Not really loyalty for me since I have 360 and PS3, but I'm only getting Xbox One. I'm not paying two companies to play online, and I like achievements better than trophies. My PS3 was mainly for Blu-ray and only exclusives got played on it.

#78 Posted by darknath (67 posts) -

I disagree with alot of your "best" points, as i think the XB1 clearly isn't best in a lot of areas.

That being said, i will be getting one down the road (as there are still some great looking exclusive titles) - but only after a price drop or two.

#79 Posted by ChiefFreeman (5528 posts) -

@Tadgerot: thats pretty sad.

#80 Posted by ChiefFreeman (5528 posts) -

I owned an original Xbox and 360, but for now, I'm going with the PS4 only. The only Xbox One title that moderately interests me is Dead Rising 3. If Titanfall ends up being really good, I might get one in the Spring.

#81 Posted by shadow_Metroid (1637 posts) -

I've been loyal since the original Xbox,but I grew up in the playstation and I'm not really bias when it comes to console. If I see a game or a set of game I like enough I'll buy the console to play them. Xbox really caught my eye at E 3,but if it wasn't for the policy change I would have preordered the ps4

#82 Edited by kingoflife9 (1987 posts) -

@shadow_Metroid said:

I've been loyal since the original Xbox,but I grew up in the playstation and I'm not really bias when it comes to console. If I see a game or a set of game I like enough I'll buy the console to play them. Xbox really caught my eye at E 3,but if it wasn't for the policy change I would have preordered the ps4

everyone who plays both seems to be more impressed with the xbox one.

#83 Posted by Stinger78 (5826 posts) -

In my case, for loyalty to happen this coming gen, I will have to buy Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and a Wii U.

I've owned multiple consoles for almost every generation I've been a gamer.

#84 Posted by Dom_Hawk_basic (404 posts) -

@kingoflife9: as someone else here said I'm loyal to gaming. To this date Microsoft is the only console I haven't skipped a generation, although this time they came close to me bagging it. Missed the snes, missed the ps2, and only owned a genesis out of sega. Got ps4 Xbox one pre ordered and picked up a Zelda wii u a few weeks ago. I'm ready for gen 7 in all its glory, and it is gen 7 if you go all the way back to the magnavox odyssey/Atari 2600 days

#85 Edited by dhamadeh80 (1 posts) -

Im staying loyal for MANY GOOD reasons! Have you seen the Kinect 2.0 and how it works with Battlefiled 4???!! Please check out my vid and comment!

#86 Edited by Nanomage (2419 posts) -

I´m not loyal to a piece of plastic,the X1 looks like crap compared to the PS4 and the only game I really want from that console is Titanfall...wich I will get the superior version on the PC.

#87 Posted by I-AM-N00B (410 posts) -

I wouldn't call it staying loyal, as I owned both a 360 and PS3 this gen but I shall be getting the Xbox One at launch, and I cant wait! If the PS4 comes up with some amazing games in the future I may consider getting one but for now there is only one next gen console for me, the Xbox One!

#88 Posted by kingoflife9 (1987 posts) -

@Nanomage said:

I´m not loyal to a piece of plastic,the X1 looks like crap compared to the PS4 and the only game I really want from that console is Titanfall...wich I will get the superior version on the PC.

PS4 looks cheap, dat wobble

#89 Posted by VERTIGO47 (6301 posts) -

No loyalty here. I also have a PS3. MS just seem to do some things right: Controller and Online Infrastructure.

That said, I'm in NO RUSH in getting an X1 (or PS4), I'm gonna do a wait and see approach. Launch games aren't exactly appealing to me.

#90 Posted by SpiderLuke (570 posts) -

It's very intriguing but I don't think I could afford it now. Definitely for Halo next year. I don't know if I could do it for Forza and Titanfall alone. The external features are nice ... although I'm not going to have cable, so I might not be able to use them all. lol

#91 Edited by DrD3V1L (2064 posts) -

I'll be staying loyal to xbox, but I won't be getting an Xbox One until January atleast.

#92 Edited by Venom951 (374 posts) -

Getting Both I got my PS4 last night its cool , has a few issues not much real solid . Cant wait for Xbox because i just prefer live .

#93 Posted by craigalan23 (15879 posts) -

Not me after I got a ps3 I completely regretted owning the Xbox 360. I got so many excellent free games on the ps3 and I bought so many games during all of the sales. Already bought my PS4 but im not a fanboy in a few years if Microsoft can get their **** together I might buy an Xbox one.

#94 Posted by __MasterVAL__ (519 posts) -


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Paying $730 for an Xbox One Day One Edition Console because i missed out on pre-ordering one from the stores... If that doesn't scream loyal i don't know what does lol.

#96 Posted by RimacBugatti (1287 posts) -

I'm supporting both consoles because if I buy their products than they will reinvest in the development of future consoles hopefully. And I pay retail for all of my games because I would rather the companies make money so they can continue to make games. If we don't spend than they don't have and than we can't play.