Should MS try to make the Titianfall series stays on their home console?

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Posted by tmorri603 (384 posts) 1 year, 17 days ago

Poll: Should MS try to make the Titianfall series stays on their home console? (19 votes)

yes 79%
no 21%

It looks like Titianfall is going to by a big hit for MS. Now that they know this should MS try to make that this series is going to be a xbox console exclusive? I think they need to try ever thing that they can to make it happen. It may not work but it will not hurt to give it a good. I think this would be good for xbox going forward.

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As someone who own both consoles it makes no difference to me but as far as business goes of course it makes sense. The only thing i can see that might get in the way of that is greed. All EA cares about is money and they are missing out on a huge chunk by this not being a true multi plat. In the end i would have no problem it staying just like it is for PC and Xbox, I think you have to atleast keep PC involved for some extra sales just to make EA happy. Im interested to see how this game sells on 360 because there was almost twice the pre orders for this game on XONE at my local gamestop which surprised me... Thought it would be the other way around.

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I think it would be nice to have it as an exclusive for microsoft... I mean i am saying that as an Xbox One owner, so I can actually play it. Im sure you would get a different response from others if this was in system wars.

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I don't think it should be personally. Everyone wins when it's released for everything , both the consumer and the company. To us gamers, gaming is a hobby and something we love doing, but unfortunately to some big company's they don't care about all that. To them it's all just a business, and in a business money talks. So I don't see them risk losing money by strictly making the game for one console.

I think in a recent article anyway, Respawn rumoured that they would like the next Titanfall to come out on the PS4 too, but I could be wrong. As for me I own a gaming PC, Xbox One and PS4 so it doesn't bother me what It comes out on, but it'd be really cool if everyone could experience it and this won't happen, but cross-platform play would be mind-blowing.

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I say yes but no way in heck it'll happen. Respawn knows they have a franchise in the making and have a great base in Titanfall to build off of. I would be shocked if MS could pull off such a deal.

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I don't think is matters, it came out on xbox first and has xbox brand attached to it. I see the COD effect here, COD comes out on everything but the xbox version sells more gets all the maps and download content first. There is no way the next Titanfall is xbox only, but they may be able to get maps and content first the same way cod does. But truthfully if the ps4 continues to lead I'm not sure EA will even make a deal like that for no amount of M$ money.

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No doubt in my mind they will do everything possible to keep it where it is. TitanFall is a system seller.

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It'd be nice for MS to secure more killer apps to entice gamers to buy the One, but it's also good for everyone to enjoy the series. Whatever happens, happens. I'm looking forward to Titanfall 2.

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It would be a bonus for them but I don't think that titan Fall will make or break the XB1.