ShadowRun Builds

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#1 Posted by Madskillzpas (13 posts) -
What are some of the best builds for all four races in ShadowRun? Best magic for them? Best weapons for them? Best tech?

#2 Posted by hitmanlee (279 posts) -
Well, personally, I usually be an Elf with rez, tele and smoke.
#3 Posted by EasternEthan12 (66 posts) -
i no 1 Elf w/glider, katana, smoke, and wired reflexis
#4 Posted by EasternEthan12 (66 posts) -
But im usually a dwarf w/ summon, minigun, catana, and glider
#5 Posted by -Dartagnan- (104 posts) -

I usually end up being a rez elf, rez->SMG->tele. It is a great build, and gives you room to change according to your nemies in the later rounds, I usually come in top 3 with this.