sending xbox 360 for repair

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So i filled out the repair form online and i sent my xbox to them through ups rather than fedex. Is that ok? I sent it to the right site and everything.

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Oh and they never sent me that label that you have to print out, so i manually put all the information necessary on the box.

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You should be alright. I am pretty sure when I sent mine in a few years back, I used UPS. I also remember having to be home when it was delivered back to me. You have to sign for it.
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Ok thank you bro. Really appreciate the reply. Noone else was nice enough to reply lol so thanks :)

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Yeah you should be alright man. I would just keep up with the tracking number. Im surprised they did not send you the paperwork though. Whenever the red ring of death became a big problem microsoft was sending out coffins and pre-paid postage. Not sure if they are still doing it though...

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They stopped sending out the coffins quite a while ago. The last one I sent in, I didn't get one, and that was at least 3 years ago.